Troubleshooting and Repair Services

With an experienced team of technical service engineers and technicians, we are ready to provide troubleshooting and repair service to most major brands of environmental test chambers at a competitive price with fast turnaround. We stock spare parts in all our offices in Singapore,Malaysia and Thailand.

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Service

We offer comprehensive and detailed Preventive Maintenance contracts and calibration Services according to SINGLAS Standard for all brands of chambers and vibration systems. In particular we can offer the
following :

1. Temperature
2. Humidity
3. Temperature Cycle
4. Burn-In
5. Vibration

In addtion, we offer buy-off for test of all critical
profiles in our principals' factories as a means to guarantee the performance
of your tests and test equipment.

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QRA International offers a wide variety of environmental stress testing services from component to system level for automotive, avionics and the solar industry etc.  Our team includes reliability experts who can advise on test methodology and assist in the development of full test plan tailored to your product specification. 


Temperature and Humidity

Providing rapid temperature change rates to test specimen and use different levels of humidity to locate design defects so as to improve product quality and reliability.

Temperature Shock

Test the resistance of the specimen due to sudden changes in temperature. Specimen undergoes specified number of cycles from ambient temperature to extremely low temperature before expose to extremely high temperature. 

Vibration Test

Determine the effect of fatigue or degradation in the performance of the specimen structure through vibration analysis of test specimen such as free versus forced vibration, sinusoidal versus random vibration, and linear versus rotation-induced vibration.


Our Equipment


Temperature and Climate Test Chamber


Temperature Cycling

Max Temperature : +180oC
Min Temperature : -75 oC
Capacity : 600 Litre

Humidity Testing

Temperature Range : +10 oC to +95 oC
Humidity Range : 10 to 98% r.h.
Capacity : 190 Litre


Temperature Shock Test Chamber


Air-to-Air Thermal Shock Testing

Temperature Range (Hot Zone)
Ambient to +220 oC

Temperature Range (Cold Zone)
-70 oC to Ambient

Capacity : 125 Litre


Air-Cooled Vibration Test System

Electrodynamic Vibration Test

Sine, Random, Shock Force :
30kN, 30kN, 60kN
Acceleration : 100 ‘g’
Displacement (pk-pk) : 51mm

Vertical 360mm, 800mm
Horizontal 600mm x 600mm

Sine Sweep 1Hz - 3000Hz
Random 2Hz – 2000Hz
Shock 50’g’ 6msec

QRA - SDYN Test Services (Joint Venture QRA and SDYN)


If you have existing test chambers or relibility equipment, we can offer to upgrade and prolong the life span of it. Call us NOW and Get a Free Quote!


QRA International can provide comprehensive set-up and relocation of test equipment. Some of our past successul projects are in the following Asian cities :

1. Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam   (2011)
2. Chonburi, Thailand      (2009)
3. Shah Alam ,Malaysia     (2010)
4. Bintan, Indonesia       (2011)
5. Suzhou, China           (2006)