Precision Air-Conditioning

for Laboratories and Testing Instruments

Product Feature

Standard Climatic Element cassette keeps a Laboratory under stable control thermo-hygrometric conditions.
Temp : 18 – 25 0 C
Stability : +/- 1 0 C
Humidity : 45 – 70% RH
Stability : +/- 2 % RH


Precision AirconditioningLaboratories In the Following :
– Textile
– Paper and Cardboard
– Meterological Room
– Constuction
– Plastic Materials
– PM 2.5 and PM 10

The precision air conditioning Branca IdealAir offers is the best performances on climate control also in extreme conditions with high thermal loads (kW) keeping them stable and within limits ; advanced solutions also for fine control on relative humidity (%rH) are provided by Climatic Units Branca IdealAir to enable laboratories to control temperatures to +/- 1 deg C and rH to +/- 2%.

Textile Laboratories will be calibrated according to UNI EN ISO 9237:97 and for hydrostatic pressure water proofing for fabrics according to UNO EN ISO 20811.

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