Hypoxic System

to Control O²

Product Feature

QRA’s Hypoxic System can simulate altitudes up to 9000 m. The Hypoxic System which can be utilized and integrated with any room or chamber


Basic Concept of reducing O2 within the Controlled Room or Chamber.
Air is pushed out of the room or chamber by means of an air compressor and subjected to a filtering process whereby the air, which is 80% Nitrogen and 20% Oxygen, flows through a Membrane System. The larger Oxygen molecules get trapped in the membrane and get released out of the room or chamber by a pressure release valve. The remaining Oxygen depleted air gets circulated back into the main room or chamber.
The entire process of reducing the Oxygen from sea level (20.8%) to about 5000 m takes approximately 5 hours through our Hypoxic System depending on the size of the room or chamber

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